Dynasty Flag Football League

Player Registration - 2020


Welcome To The DFFL Player Registration Form!

This quick form will be used to ensure you create an account and declare which team you should belong to.

If you created an account last year simply log in again and proceed through the process.

If you cannot remember your existing credentials, please use the forgot password workflow to retrieve it.

Your captain should have given you the name of your team already.

Once completed, we will check with your captain and then assign you to your respective team.

Selecting a team that you do not belong to will not result in granting you a place on the team.


You must be registered with a team in order to play in our league


If you don't see your team on there, you're captain likely has not registered yet. Please speak to you captain to get on this list.

If you don't see your name on the roster, you are not registered!


Please direct questions to:

Chudi Nzekwu